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What is MAIT? --- The Principles
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The idea of MAIT:
driverless door-to-door transport
in a private space

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Figure: The idea of MAIT; seam-less door-to-door transport using same cabin but different carriers

Properties of MAIT:

  • Transport in cabins: persons and goods remain in the same, individual room during the entire trip. No transfers are required! The entire cabin is automatically transferred using the most appropriate transportation method.

  • Fully automated operation: the system is safe for users and non-users, no driving skills are required, everybody can use it 24h a day!

  • Use of electrical motors: the transport is energy efficient, emission-free and silent. Energy storage problems can be avoided!

  • Vehicle sharing: empty vehicles can be reused, they do not require parking space!

  • Innovative logistics: automatic selection of fastest route, intermediate halts and traffic congestion are avoided!

The modular structure:
MAIT's main characteristic is the physical and logistical separation in 3 units:

  1. Cabins, in which the passengers or freight reside during a trip.  Cabins have the size of a small van and can be automatically transferred from one carrier type to another.
  2. Carriers, which are automatically guided along a specific implementation of the track.
  3. Tracks,  which can be implemented either as an elevated, ground-level or underground guideway, ordinary road with navigation equipment, or whatever technology is suitable to meet any specific transit need.

The small size of MAIT cabins and the flexibility of MAIT's modular structure allow cost effective transport solutions for short and long-distance travel as well as for cities with most different topographies, street systems and architectures.

Figure: MAIT example network
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This is a section of an example network, where the track is implemented as a road and an elevated guideway. On the road is a stop where people can access the vehicles.

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