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Ongoing projects
3d animation 2d network editor/simulator innovative Transport Simulator (iTS) 

Responsible: Joerg Schweizer
Status: acive
Last update:17. July 2007

New version 0.51 now available !

The aim of this project is to provide design and simulation tools that are required to plan, analysis, evaluate, implement, test, integrate and promote PRT, GRT and AGV networks. The software is currently free and runs on virtually all operating systems.

For more details, including feature list, download and installation instructions, tutorials, and future developments User's guide download the users_guide-0.51.pdf.

Here are the zipped script files of the newest version:
and for windows

You first need to install Python with Tkinter and Python Numeric !

For windows users it is convenient to download the Python enthought edition which will install all required packages at once.

Here are some screen-shots that show the simulator's graphical , network-evaluation , 3D representation ( station , diverge , groundview ) and economy-of-scale cost-analysis capabilities.


The MAIT Mechanics project  

Responsible: John Greenwood
Status: active
Last update: February 2008

The aim of this project is to prepare the ground for defining a standard for the MAIT Cabin.

The design of the MAIT Cabin will, inevitably, be a compromise which needs to take into account mechanical, functional, economic and aesthetic issues.

In this project I am evolving a design for a prototype MAIT Cabin. The intention is to use this design to explore design issues and illustrate their implications but not to pre-empt the eventual standard.

The sub-site is divided into five sections:

MAIT and the urban environment

An examination of the underlying issues for urban transport and how the MAIT concept might help to solve them.

Smart Automated Containers, SACs

The big idea is that PAT systems are beginning to be built and the guideway is by far the most expensive part. There could be substantial gains if the guideway could be exploited for freight traffic as well as passengers.The implications of this idea are complex and far reaching.

Long-distance travel

Looks forward to how, once a Standard MAIT Cabin/SAC has become accepted, its application could be extended.

Attachment Mechanisms

Looks at the mechanism that handle the MAIT Cabin and also the overall dimensions

Berths and Stations

A study of the limits of PAT passenger stations.

cabin scribble
3D cabin
Cabin design study 

Responsible: Claudia Wandler
Status: closed
Last update: 25. October 2004

This design-study has been a final year project at the , Germany. institute for industrial design in Pforzheim

Here are only some examples of this fantastic cabin design:

cabin side-view
cabin interior
platoon with flexible spoilers
If you are interested in a CD with the entire study and HiRes pictures, please contact

photo of PRT model
1:10 vehicle model shown at the Verano Autodrome during the demonstration day of IEEE Intelligent vehicle Symposium 2004 in Parma, Italy
Functional 1:10 model
of an Automated Guided Vehicle system

Responsible: Joerg Schweizer
Status: active
Last update:25. October 2004

This project has the aim to build a 1:10 functional model of a simplified PRT system. The main objectives are to reduce the overall complexity of the control-structure in PRT systems.

The project is carrierd out at the institut of transportation, University of Bologna, Italy.

Find out the most recent information, see pictures and download publications at their projects page.

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