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MAIT for a transport revolution
A brief (4-page equivalent) introduction to the MAIT concept, highlighting the main ideas and aspects.
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The MAIT concept
A more detailed discussion of the MAIT concept, addressing social, architectural, environmental and economical aspects of the system. It contains also a rough plan on how MAIT may be developed and introduced.
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MAIT for Freight
The MAIT freight cabins would carry upto three Euro pallets or 500 kg. See cabin design and transfer mechanism of the MAIT freight concept.

MAIT Cabins for long distance travel
We propose MAIT for long distance travel, in which passengers travel in the same private cabin for the whole journey in which they could sleep in comfort if they wish.
PDF (58 KB)
Limiting Factors in PRT Stations
More specific discussion of station capacities and if the MAIT concept (removable cabins) could provide a significant advantage.

MAIT and the transport of goods
This article is a discussion of how the MAIT concept would be applied to the transport of goods and to explore the likely impact this might have commerce and everyday life. With many pictures from our artist Ingrid Daniels!
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MAIT system specifications
Draft of the first chapter of the MAIT system specifications. It presents a top-down system design approach that starts with general transport system features, including economical aspects and will end up with detailed descriptions of the system architecture.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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